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A funeral in church or directly at the cemetery or crematorium is usually arranged through a Funeral Director. Please choose a company to help you and they will make contact with St. Luke’s to find an available date and time.

Once you have made arrangements with the Funeral Director, they should be in touch with us directly so we can help you plan the best funeral for your family member or friend.

Bereavement Support

St. Luke’s offers Bereavement Support  not only to the families they have served through a funeral, but to anyone from our community who is struggling with the loss of a loved one and finding it hard to move on in their lives. Please look at our Groups page for information on our “Helping Hearts” self-help support group.

In addition, we hold a Bereavement Service during the year to provide space for anyone who has lost someone to come and remember them, and find comfort in a quiet, reflective service. Invitations will usually be sent out to all who have had a funeral arranged through St. Luke’s, but all are welcome.